Next AS Update time?


Wondering when the next update to AS is, assuming it will fix the function search when clicking on the function list? I’m finding it a hassle with it not working and thinking of reverting to 8.x till it is fixed, unless it will be soon.


We’ve made changes in the next build that I think will address this. However, it would be good to test your code once more on this. Any chance you can DM your project to me, with instructions how to reproduce the problem you are seeing?

It’s any/all projects. It takes you to the function that is the first visible function on the list. Ie if you scroll the list up 1 function it will go to the 2nd function regardless of which function you click.

I though I read someone else had the issue and you deduced it was a Windows version problem?

I went back through the notes - you’re absolutely right.

Good thing you bugged us about this again. It would not have been fixed in the next build.

Cool. The other bug in that vogue is,

  1. Right click a function and select “Goto function”
  2. It goes to function
  3. Now right click the same function name somewhere else in your code and the “Goto function” won’t find that function. But finds it if you do it a 3rd time.

Thank you! I have updated the issue.