No license after purchase

I bought a new license for one month to test out but have not received anything even though my credit card was billed. What should I do to get the license, I also email about another topic more than a week ago without answer.

Thanks for any advice,


Hi Petri,

We respond to all support emails quickly. I don’t see anything in the sales or email databases from Petri.

Could you email the details directly?


Attached previous email below. 10 days ago… Checked even junkmail,
Anyway, what about the license I bought earlier but have not received any
code for.



petri Nevalainen
30 Jan (10 days ago)
to support

Hi there,

I am an independent developer who have been trying out your Product, and
very happy and impressed and would like to buy a license. I am interested
in the essential one time license, but would like to have a kickstart as I
would need to interact with google APIs I have got all of your demos
working except for them. Should I go for pro initially? Or? I have been
following the readme and tutorials you have but still not managed. What do
you suggest? I used the option of 1 hour publishing to your server, Rest
of the demos you have I had no problems with…

Thanks in advance for any advice…




Strange - we have no email like this in our database, nor are there any orders for

The Essential One time gets you the full license and support on this forum. If you go for the Pro licence, you get a list of additional benefits:

  • 1-1 direct support
  • Direct access to the developers
  • Fast start for time critical projects
  • Continuous hosting on Volt
  • Help resolving issues with non NSB products (including, but not limited to JavaScript, Datatables, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jqWidgets, Sencha, PhoneGap, PHP, SQLite, Dropbox, customer servers, etc.)
  • Help with 3rd party APIs (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.)
  • Debugging or writing programs.
  • Code or project review.
  • Performance tuning
  • Remote training and troubleshooting using TeamViewer or LogMeIn.
  • Skype support if required.
  • Adding new frameworks.
  • Creating PhoneGap plugins.
  • Conversions from Visual Basic, AppForge and other environments.
  • Application testing using our library of mobile devices.
  • Dealing with vendor stores, such as Apple iTunes Store.
  • Premium support includes about an hour a month of the above activities. If more is required, the cost and timetable will be discussed before proceeding.
  • Free upgrades to all new versions.
  • 1 business day response time.
  • Minimum 3 month commitment.
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) available.