Notification Channels in 8.0

With Android 8.0 and above, all notifications must be assigned to a channel. (If not, it seems to use the “Default Channel”

Using cordova.plugins.notification.local.schedule. I can schedule notifications and even specify a channel, but I have not seen any way to actually create a channel. My app needs to create 2 notification types, one with sound and one without, and it looks like the only way to do this is with separate channels? Anyone come across this?

I found a good plugin

then when you first make the call, it creates the channel with your default name and settings
cordova.plugins.notification.local.schedule({ title: “TOAD Alert”,foreground: True,vibrate: True,channel: “Alarm”,channelDescription: “Alarms”,priority: 0});

the plugin to add in config.xml is a fork

GitHub - Steffaan/cordova-plugin-local-notifications: Cordova Local Notifications Plugin" source=“git”

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