NSB.id set to an incorrect value

The code below is from my index.html.

What is the NSB.id?

Where is this value set? How can it be changed?

Thank you

NSB.currentForm = Pin;
NSB.stopOnError = True;
NSB.enableBrowserArrows = false;
NSB.enableAppScroll = false;
NSB.id = ‘Project3’;
NSB.voltAppId = ‘6OCrQb’;
NSB.voltDashboardAccess = true;
NSB.voltDomain = ‘fmd-conducts-dimly.volt.live’;
NSB.PWA = true;
if ($.mobile != undefined) $.mobile.hashListeningEnabled = false;

I think it might be the name of your project file. i.e. Project3.nsx or Project3.project

Thank you.

Yes, that’s what I thought too. In this case, Project3 is not the name of my Project file…

Within the onDeviceready function you could try

NSB.id = AppTitle or
NSB.id = "myNewID"

It’s in Project1.project. It normally gets set by AppStudio when you save the project. You might try open that file and editing it. (Keep a backup, of course)

Thank you for the help