Nsb.inputbox text size and background color

Is there a way to control the text size and background color of the nsb.inputbox control in Android?

Click in the input box and then change in the properties window on the right,

I mean the NSB.InputBox() rather than Input Box control.

I can get everywhere around the Input field, but I can’t get inside it?

Function Button1_onclick()
Input1.style.backgroundColor = "yellow"
Input1.style.color = "red"
Input1.style.fontSize = "30px"
End Function



Hi, I use the NSB.Inputbox instead of input control. Anyway I solved the case now. Thanks.

So how did you get control inside the input field then?

When I use the Inputbox, the background color is “black”, but when I changed to use NSB.InputBox, the background color is “white”, so I don’t need to change the color. For the text size, I use the tag to enlarge the font size.

Have you got your browser set to dark mode?