NSB.MsgBox Button background color

In NSB.MsgBox, I have 2 buttons and I would like to fill-in different background colors and text colors on each button. Should I use Project CSS? Do you have any sample?

Are they Bootstrap 4 buttons?

Not the BS4 buttons. I would like to change the colors in the NSB.MsgBox. In one of the screen, I would like to pop-up a NSB.MsgBox with the button of “Yes” & “No”. I want to highlight the “Yes” button and make the background of this “Yes” button to RED and the text color to WHITE. But it is only need to work on this form only, other forms will have the default colors of background and text.

put this code in the project CSS.

.dialog-buttonNoBorder:first-child {
    background-color: red;

Thanks. It work. But it changed all the MsgBox. How can I assign this CSS to a particular NSB.MsgBox? Only one MsgBox need to be highlight.

Sorry, I don’t know how to do that.

You could make your own custom MsgBox. then just use .show and .hide.

Maybe the support guys can help with how to add a custom class to Each MsgBox