NSB Roadmap for 2018?

I was wondering if there is a Roadmap available for NSB for 2018?

I’m not looking for heavy details or target dates necessarily, but as a subscriber it would be really nice to get a general idea of what improvements might be on the way in 2018. There hasn’t been any real news on the Blog since the last point release way back in July.

Thanks kindly!

We’re definitely working on stuff. It’s shaping up to be a smallish update in the near future, with a bigger one after that. For those of you on subscriptions, both will be free.

We will tell you more once things are working.

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btw I don’t understand your update policy. the current version was end of august, in october test-versions were provided (e.g. new property for the Bootstrap controls called ‘spellcheck’) and the promise to be integrated in the next build (Oct 6th). But nothing happened.

You’re right. We got so wrapped up in a big project (and some big changes for the next release of AppStudio) that we didn’t get that release out.

I talked to the team: we’re going to do this over the holidays.