Number input keyboard for Apple

I am currently using a Bootstrap 4 Input to allow users to input number values in my app.

When i change the inputType to ‘number’, users with Apple see the below keyboard when they focus on the input control
With Android, the users see a keyboard with large numbers only (this is ideal).

Some of my Apple users have asked if it’s possible to see a keyboard like below which they see for other Apple apps (big buttons and less irrelevant characters are shown)

Is it possible to show this keyboard instead for Apple users?


That keyboard is under the control of the operating system - not Bootstrap. The advantage of using the built in keyboard is that it will be consistent across most apps on the device. The user will see a keyboard layout he’s used to.

You also need to set “inputmode” to “decimal”

Try the “tel” input mode.
You will get a numerical keyboard that resembles a telephone keypad.

Works good, thanks