Obfuscation Working?

I have tried obfuscating a number of sample programs supplied with version 7. When obfuscation is turned on, all say there is an error. Is this feature working in v7?

Thanks Rodney

I just tried a couple here and they were OK.

Which sample did you use? What was the obfuscation level? Did you start with a BASIC or JavaScript sample?

Wait a minute - I managed to reproduce this. Thank you for reporting this. It should be fixed in the next build.

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I await correction

Can you check the About screen to make sure you are using 7.0.2?

Here it is

Does it work OK with HelloWorld?

All the example does not work.
All my projects does not work.
I am waiting for the correction to distribute my projects.

I can reproduce the issue here now. We are working on it.

Hello, I made a VirtualBox Win7 Home PC and installed AppStudio and registered.
I refined the example test with maximum protection option and I was successful.
Now I will do with my project and hope that this way I can work and distribute the project.
In the future I will do a new installation of the OS and configure the environment, now I will use the VM that is generating successfully.
Thank you.

We have a solution. Do a complete uninstall of AppStudio from Windows Settings - including delete c:\Program Files (x86)\NSB AppStudio, then install AppStudio again.

George and Company, Thanks. I just try it and it work fine. Rodney Wirtz