Old NSB v5 App and JqxGrid no more exporting

I have an old internal webapp developed with NSB v5.2.1.3 developer edition, that is using jQWidgets v3.8.0.
The app, that includes a nice jqxGrid, still works fine, until recently when I realize that the ExportData feature of the jqxGrid does not work aymore:
if I select ‘CSV’ or ‘XLSX’ method: the operation end with a broken link on this webpage: http://jquerygrid.net/export_server/save-file.php

I’m afraid jQWidgets is a bit old an need an update: may I install the newer v9.0 and continue to use NSB v5 ?

Thanks in advance

Yes, go ahead and try jqWidgets 9. It will probably work, although some tweaks may be needed.

You’re actually more likely to run into problems with AppStudio 5. There have been a lot of changes to the web and PhoneGap in the meantime which later versions of AppStudio know how to deal with.