One file doesn't upload

My app downloads several text files, all located in the same folder on the server. When I run the app using the browser on my laptop there is no problem with downloading all the files. But when I make an APK file using Volt Builder and run it on my Android phone, all the files download OK except for one, named numplants.txt. No matter what order I set the files to download, they all download OK except for numplants.txt, which generates an error message. I’m using ReadFile to download the files as shown below.

Function GetContents(ThisFile)
  req = ReadFile(ThisFile)
  If req.status=200 Then 
    NSB.MsgBox("Download of " + ThisFile + " Not Successful",vbExclamation,"Garden Notepad Message")
  End If
  GetContents = req.responseText
End Function

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It’s generating an error message? What is the error?

It’s the NSB Message box error triggered by a response status of 200 - “Download of numplants.txt not successful.”

Can you check the Console using the Android Remote Debugger? It might have some more information.

Thanks for your help. I’m new to all this. Where can I find the console and the Android Remote Debugger? Would this be on my phone?

Thanks for your help. But, I couldn’t get anywhere with debugging. So I decided to work around the problem. I added the data from the file that didn’t load to one of the files that did load. The I separated the data to retrieve the original. That worked fine. Why the download problem happened is still a mystery, but I’ll leave it at that. Cheers.