Open Iconic Icons not showing at runtime

NSB-Appstudio 8.5.3: In my project I am using Listgroup.bs4 with 4 items. I defined 4 Open Iconic icons “play-circle” in icon property and at designtime it looks very well. But no icons are visible at runtime in safari-browser. What do I wrong?

Are there any messages in the Console?

Yes, in console is 1 message: [Error] Viewport argument value “” for key “viewport-fit” is invalid, and has been ignored. (index.html, line 10)

Sorry I habe 2 more messages:[Error] Failed to load resource: Die angeforderte URL wurde auf diesem Server nicht gefunden. (, line 0) (not found on server)
[Error] Failed to load resource: Die angeforderte URL wurde auf diesem Server nicht gefunden. (, line 0) (not found on server)

The “nicht gefunden” messages can be ignored.

How are you including the images in your project?

I did not include images of icons in my project. Because the icons are visible at designtime, I thought they are automatically loaded with nsb-appstudio. Where should I load the icons in what format (SVG?).

Yes, they are loaded automatically. You do not need to do anything.

I just made a little test here doing the same thing. The icons appear for me in Safari. Can you make a test app with just a Listgroup. Does it work then?

Yes, I do. But it needs a little time…

Yes, the test project runs also for me. It looks, that I have a problem in my project. I will try to solve it.
Thank you very much for your excellent support!

Now, after many tests, i found out, what the problem in my project is: I am using i18n in my project. When I set the hook for i18n in project properties, then Open Iconic icons in listgroup.bs4 are not more visible. Without i18n Open Iconic icons are visible in browser at runtime.

How can we solve this problem? I need both i18n and Open Iconic icons. Please help.

I tried it here - surprising, but true.

We’ll fix it - it may take a few days.

We’ve identified the problem and know what needs to be done to fix it. It’s a bit of work, since every BS4 control needs to be fixed individually. How soon do you need this fix?

Dear AppStudioSupport,
currently I am developing the 5th version of App “WhiteScout for Freerider”, which can be found in appstores. This is the first time I am using NSB appstudio for a project. Up to now I used a texteditor and jquery mobile for developing apps. This project should come to market in summer 2021. Thus I think you have some more time for fixing the problem.
Thank you for good service.

Thanks - we will have this done long before that.

Let us know if anything else comes up!