Ordering Input Fields When Tabbing


Hey gang, I am looking for a “z-index type” of property on fields so when a user tabs down, they go in a sequential fashion. Any help would be appreciated.


You can specify input fields with a tabindex attribute.



Cayocoder, thank you much kind sir. That makes perfect sense but I am not sure where to do this in the NSBASIC development environment. When I click on a widget, say a text box, and look at its properties I am not seeing a tab-index.


It has to be set via code. For example:

Input1.tabIndex = 4
Input2.tabIndex = 2
Input3.tabIndex = 1
Input4.tabIndex = 3


You can also set the order by putting the controls in the right order in the Project Explorer.


@AppStudioSupport that’s a good one. I completely forgot about that. Right mouse click right? No drag and drag yet on that just yet.


Select the control you want to move, then use the up and down arrow (at the top) to reorder.


I had concluded you could do it at Design time, but I was hoping there was another way to prevent such a re-arrangement now that the app is done - and it has been a fantastic success. I will be taking Cayocoder’s approach - THANK YOU. And a big thanks to everyone and the development community!