Page jump within HTML

Hi guys, ( menu links not working yet )

On the home page I am using ckeditor to create the content and saving this to a database and then populating via an Ajax call.

I want to add a nsbasic page jump on the ‘quick-toon’ image when clicked.

Is this possible?


Steve Warby.

Give the image an onclick attribute, like


You can then do

function quicktoonclick()
  (do page jump)

As I am using the CKEditor to generate the HTML code it is stripping out any o’clock event I add within the source code.

Its looks like I have to get into editing the CKEditor source code. YUK…

I used the following

I gave each image a ID of gotoHome, gotoQuick etc then

    selectedPage = 'home';
    selectedPage = 'quickToon';


Steve Warby

That was the next solution I was going to propose.