Paid Framework/Collaboration

I am looking for help getting started on a project. I feel like once I have the basics of it in place, I will be able to continue with the project further (though it would be great if the person would still be available if something comes up). Here’s what I am after:

I’d like the app framework to create an account (in an online database) for the user. I’d like it to save and retrieve data that is specific to that user only from the database. There needs to be some way for the user to regain access to the account if they get a new phone or re-associate. I’d like the user to be able to place an order through the app using either PayPal or Stripe. And I would like the framework to show loading of an image and ideally how to apply a very basic animation to the image like a shake-type thing if it is possible. Lastly, I would like it to be able to get and post to a leaderboard database, either in the app’s own database or Google…either way is fine. All the data in the database needs to be encrypted and decrypted when when read to/from the database.

EDIT: About the database read/write…I am thinking performance would be better to read/write the data locally (encrypted) and then update the database when inactive or at some other time that makes sense.

If you’re interested at all, let me know. Thanks in advance!

You are describing the basis of a mobile data collection app. Most of what you describe here I have done in one form or another in different apps. But I’m not sure if you want someone to write this for you or if you need some specific suggestions how to go about accomplishing all of these tasks mentioned. If you wish you can contact me directly at

Thanks, John