PC/ Phone/Msgbox

I do all of my app design and testing on my Surface Pro PC then deploy to voltserver. And usuallyl I then check how it looks on a device like my phone and what customers will see. Even then all has been OK…Until NOW.
My app has a routine where users enter point numbers and if a point number has already been used, a msgbox will say so and instruct to enter another number. This works as it should when I run the app on the Surface Pro but when run on the device, only the "OK and “Cancel” boxes appear but none of the important stuff. It didn’t do this before! Even happens on another similar app. cache has been cleared on the device.
Here is a typical code snippet:
MsgBox “Point " & protectpoint & " has been used. Overwrite?”,1
This is driving me sane. For most of you this is probably easy but not for me. Thanks for any help.

Ok,I believe I have the answer although it was by accident. IF i add the app to my device’s home screen, it works properly when I tap the icon but if I only enter the URL in the browser, it does not. Go figure! Glad I had advised users to do that although at the time, I was unaware of this anomaly. My apology to anyone who spent time on this. I should have continued to investigate before posting.

This seems odd. How can I reproduce this?

Not only is it odd but VERY weird. Please remember who you are dealing with…many odd things have happened with appstudio and me over the years.
The only way I can think of for you to reproduce it is for you to install my app and follow the instructions I will give you. If you want to go that far let me know and I will write it up and email it to you. I also want to try it on iOS and will do that today.

Sure, send it to me!

Whoa! It works the way it should on my iphone. I also rounded up 2 other android phones and it works on both. I should have done this before. So…it has to be just MY LG phone that has some quirk. I’m sure you would not find a problem so let’s not spend the time to go through the exercise. If you go back and read another post (anomaly or nightmare) you will see what I mean about other issues I’ve had. It must be my app. Anyway, thanks for your interest and time. Have a great remainder of the day,