PGB is not working

It work smoothly yesterday, but it cannot work today. I try on several projects and none of them can work. Any solution? Only manual upload to Adobe PhoneGap Build to make APK? Please suggest the correct procedure of using PGB.

What happens? Are there any errors? Anything appear in the PhoneGap console?

Just did a build here - it worked fine.

PS. Did you see AppStudio 8.1 has VoltBuilder, a replacement for PhoneGap Build?

The program is seem like hang for half hour, and no APK file generated. I try to build native app for 4 times and it work only on the last trial.

So it’s working again now?

Yes. It is working now, but it take a very long time.

It’s time to switch to VoltBuilder. By the end of the month, Apple will no longer be accepting PGP jobs.