Phone Gap won't build ios

Any idea why ios won’t complete?

You have to have a certificate and provisioning profile. Have you created your your Apple developer account yet? Working from a PC I presume…

have not created an apple developer account yet, and yes, working from a pc.
how does one create an apple developer account?

Visit - there are lots of articles on this… runs $99 (individual) to $500 (company) per year. Once you get that part done, post back and one of us will lead you through the rest. I’ve automated a bunch of it with .cmd files which I’ll be happy to share.

You’ll also need to have a Mac to do the actual upload to the iTunes store.

For more info (since the link on the page is temporarily down), choose Handbook Offline in AppStudio’s Help menu, then

  • Main page (on the left)
  • Tech Notes
  • Submitting to the iOS App Store

George, I use MacInCloud for all my uploads. I probably spend $60 a year on it.

@PPetree - Good suggestion!