PhoneGap Build: App is too large error

Just upgraded from version 5 to version 8. An app built in version 5 that I’m now working with in version 8 deploys fine to the desktop browser, but when I try to build the app with PhoneGap Build (not CLI) I get an error:

App is too large. App must be less than 100 MB

When built with Appstudio 5, the app was 86 MB. I haven’t materially changed anything in the app except for adjust some of the Appstudio properties and my config.xml.

Any ideas on how to get past this?



Apps got bigger, in part, due to the way PhoneGap handles icons and splashscreens. Plus, AppStudio now generates all the different sizes you need (65 images now!) to support different sized devices.

What other content does your app have which makes it big?

Thanks for the reply George.

I may have found the issue: had a number of large images in my Splash and Icons folders which were now unnecessary. Appstudio now completes the Phonegap Build without any errors… but I’m getting an ‘Unable to Install’ when I download the app directly from PGB to the device. That may be a different issue, though I note that the actual .ipa file is 137 MB now. I’ll report back when I figure this out.


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