Phonegap/Cordova CLI Build Path in version 8?

New to using Cordova CL.

I’m getting the following error after doing the Make Native App with Cordova deploy:

node not found.
npm not found.
cordova not found.

Please see the Cordova article in the AppStudio Wiki for information on how to install the Cordova prequisites.

Close to continue.

I have installed the prerequisites and can access npm, node and Cordova from the command line in the terminal.

Any ideas on what isn’t set up correctly? How do I set the CLI Build Path in version 8?



AppStudio does a simple preflight check. If these items are not found, they are probably not on the search path.

…and so how do I get them ‘on the search path’. Total newbie with CLI…


I wish I could help, but this is out of scope for AppStudio support. Installing and maintaining the iOS and Android toolchains is a real pain, not helped by incorrect instructions from the Android development kit.

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