PhoneGap Developer License No Longer Available

Adobe has decided on August 1, 2019 to discontinue the Developer License for PhoneGap for new users. See You can still sign up for the free license, and the Adobe Creative Cloud license will allow you to have the full 25 app license for PhoneGap. It’s $52.95/mo. If you have an older Creative Cloud license, like I do for illustrator, etc., it does work for PhoneGap.

Thanks - I wish they would do a better job of communicating!

The free licence is good enough for most people’s needs.

Now the only questions are when will they either force existing users to “upgrade” to the fill Adobe Creative Cloud license, or they drop Phonegap all together.

I doubt they will give much if any notice before they do. Hopefully someone will be able to introduce a similar build service using Cordova very soon.

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