Phonegap-plugin-media-stream unknown

VoltBuilder run started at 2020-08-02 17:09:02.388581
Plan: Indy
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Plugin ‘phonegap-plugin-media-stream’ is not known to VoltBuilder. Please let us know if you need it.
Build 1180207a-d1d2-4fbb-a6c4-66a5b83d3edf failed

A few days ago VoltBuilder build worked with this plugin.

This plugin is not supported.

It hasn’t been updated in 3 years. You’ll need to find another plugin.

May I repeat that this plugin worked both with PGB build and VoltBuilder with my Galaxy S10 – Android 10 - until a few days ago?

I have got successful builds.

Seems to be solely the latest update or changes at Volt.Build.

I stopped producing for iOS, so I do not care if it works with iOS.

So, which better plugin would be supported?

It seems a pity to drop this project. I had just succeeded in getting the user’s permission question and taking a photo.

Afraid that another camera app would have trouble with another plugin I tried a VoltBuilder build with the other app and this really worked as before. Fine.

With these tests I noticed two issues with do not seem comfortable in my humble opinion:

  1. The QR code does not help to get the apk downloaded and installed. I solely get a browser window and the message that something is put to the clipboard. I need to send me the apk from PC to device via email or find out how to get it installed from the clipboard of my device.
  2. Both apps are stored with exactly the same name android.release.apk. This made the second build overwrite the build of the sooner built different app. I have to prepare for this by remembering it and to change immediately the name of the just downloaded app. Of course I forgot again. It would be nice if the downloads could be indexed like ….(2) or provided a warning if one accepts overwriting or just get the chance to save with meaningful name.

This appears to be a different issue. Could you create a new one for it?

The QR code is intended for use on the device. Where are you using it.

I used it on the device Galaxy S10. I am asked, if the browser should open…… I accept, but there is another page open/ed, no…

Phonegap-plugin-media-stream was developed by PhoneGap, so it’s certain they will not be maintaining or updating it. Yes, it may have worked with PhoneGap, but PhoneGap (like this control) is no longer up to date with current Android and iOS technology.

Have a look at the site npmjs. There is likely to be a widely used plugin which can do the job. There are thousands of plugins: I’m sorry, we just do not have the expertise to suggest alternatives.

… you have the expertise that …media-stream plugin is a no-go :slight_smile: