Phonegap plugins

Hi guys… question. Now that adobe has mentioned the end of support for phonegap build, what is going to happen with all the phonegap plugins that we used in our projects? are they going to be deprecated? I am asking this since I want to use a phonegap plugin to login through facebook in my app. This was really simple to use, since i didn´t had to bother if the app was android, or iphone.

In the worst case (the the plugins will be deprecated soon) are you aware of any alternative to this, or my only option is using the connection as the Facebook official documentation states?

Thanks in advance,

Most of the plugins which have “phonegap” in their name are not developed or maintained by PhoneGap. If you look them up in, you can see who the actual maintainers are and when they last updated the plugin.

There are a few plugins which were developed by PhoneGap. The most useful ones are being taken over by Cordova. That’s possible since the complete source code for the plugins is published on GitHub.

Thanks George… to make this clear, it seems I will have no problem if I continue the use of the plugin. Am I right?

I don’t expect so, but there are thousands of plugins. We can’t be responsible for all of them!

Understood George. Thanks for the orientation.