PhoneGap Private App Limit reached

I am running Version Developers Edition. I have been developing an Android application for the past few weeks and everythng was working as expected. I would code and then submit to “Make Native App with PhoneGap”. PhoneGap then returns with my .apk build.

This morning, evrything was still working fine. Then suddenly, this afternoon, when buiding my app I got the following message from PhoneGap:

“An error occured while communicating with PhoneGap server: 400 client error: Bad Request for url:

{“error”:“Private App Limit reached”}

Is there a limit to the number of times one can submit a PhoneGap build request for an application?
How do I resolve this issue? I need to continue building my app.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Robert Suranyi

On PhoneGap’s Free tier, you can upload one single app as many times as you like.

Somehow, it thinks you’re trying to upload a second app. To clear this, sign into, select your app and delete it under Settings.

In AppStudio, clear the PhoneGap BuildID in Project Properties.

You should then be able to upload with no problem.

Having same problem, only changed background color.
Worked OK Thursday but not yesterday or today.
Works fine with Chrom.
Cleared PhoneGap BuildID in Project Properties, and still not work.

chrissalon: Did you do this step?

I signed into
No private app is not listed

Problem solved. I reset Auth token.

Hi, I have the same problem as you solved. excuse the language

Hola tengo el mismo problema como resolviste. disculpe el idioma

Thank you for the solution. One thing to note though… I was actually using the AppStudio’s default account. I didn’t realize that I was not using my own private account. It was this defualt account that seemed to reach it’s limit. Once I switched to a Private Account, the issue was resolved and now I no longer get the Error Message.

Once again… thanks for the assistance,
Robert Suranyi

Correct. The AppStudio default account does not have a limit on the number of apps (Thanks, Adobe!), but you can’t use it to create release apps since there is no way to sign them.

For anything more than testing, you’ll need your own account. It’s free for the first app.

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