PhoneGap Server Error

I’m getting the following AppStudio message when I try to deploy to PhoneGap:

“The PhoneGap server responded in an invalid manner. No JSON object could be decoded.”

I’m not using a VPN. I’ve turned my firewall off and I still get the same response. Is there anything else I can try?

Has anyone else seen this?



…also, I get the same error when I run the ‘Get Native Build Status’ from the IDE’s ‘Run’ menu.


We’re see this here too. I think something has changed on their server. We’ll report it to them.

I get the same error.

Please, i need to build a app today.

Thanks in advance.

Is there any way to do this offline?

We’re pretty sure the problem is at PhoneGap’s end, which makes it impossible for us to fix.

You could create your project using the PhoneGap CLI - but that is much more complex.

Could you give me a guide on how to do it? Or give me some example.

It’s working again for me.

George, did PhoneGap ever get back to you? Do you know what the issue was?



They fixed the problem a few hours ago - it was a change they made at their end.