PhotoGallery name

Can anybody help me further?
How do I get the name of the photo I clicked on (see picture, red arrow)?
Thanks in advance.

Is this the jqWidgets PhotoGallery?

It’s based on the jqxScrollView control. They have excellent docs:

With jqWidgets sample I did not yet find something better than:

  1. Insert BS4 Input, ID named Input1
  2. modify code:
Button1.onclick = function() {
 $("#PhotoGallery1").jqxScrollView({ slideShow: true });

Button2.onclick = function() {
   $("#PhotoGallery1").jqxScrollView({ slideShow: false });

$('#PhotoGallery1').bind('pageChanged', function (event) 
    var curPage = event.args.currentPage;
    switch(curPage) {
      case 0: Input1.value = "p1.png";
      case 1: Input1.value = "p2.png";
      case 2: Input1.value = "p3.png";
      case 3: Input1.value = "p4.png";
      case 4: Input1.value = "p5.png";
      case 5: Input1.value = "p6.png";
      default: Input1.value = "Dateiname unbekannt";

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Thanks for reminding me and beautifying the above code. I already forgot that it is with back ticks.

I think your code is not working because you did not use a variable for the different file names of the butterfly images. Your code can only show the latest name you did set before. If you would use a variable (var) as in above JavaScript suggestion, this will work as with above code. case 0: Input1.value = "p1.png";in above code means: Falls angezeigtes Bild das erste ist (mit Null beginnend, weshalb case 0), dann (Doppelpunkt) soll Input1.value auf p1.png gesetzt werden, usw. Bei case 4 wird dann p5.png als Dateiname angezeigt.