Is there a javascript equivilant for windows form PictureBoxSizeMode? I want the camera image returned to the picturebox to not stretch when returned.

AppStudio has some wrapper code with takes the image and sizes it properly into PictureBox.

There are a number of factors which could cause what you are seeing. Does the sample work properly?

It seems not. That picture is a file from pc. Camera on phone is the same result.

What device are you using? I just tried an iPhone. The picture I took appeared properly.

Same results for me on pc, android and ios.

I have my picturebox with a 4:3 ratio in portrait which is good for a portrait photo but any landscape photo is squashed to fit in the portrait picturebox.

This is ios result

Still trying to reproduce this here. This is on an iPhone using the sample, with a landscape photo:

Putting a portrait photo in there doesn’t squash it down?

George, did you try putting a portrait aspect photo into your landscape picturebox?

Yes! I get the same result as you when I do.

There’s no quick fix to this. You’ll need do a workaround. There are a variety of different methods - you’ll need to google to find what is best for you. There are some libraries which will make it easier.

If you’re building a native app, there are Cordova plugins which help.