Play Encrypt Private Key (Google Play PEPK)

Pepk (Play Encrypt Private Key) is a tool for exporting private keys from a
Java Keystore and encrypting them for transfer to Google Play as part of
enrolling in App Signing by Google Play. (You can download this tool from your google play consol.) Before we can update any existing apps, the PEPK process now has to be carried out. I can’t get this right.If anyone can see what I’m doing wrong I’d be grateful if you could help. I have attached 2 png’s, one showing the emboldened PEPT tool text that needs to be changed out for your own data and another PNG showing cmd prompt errors that I’m getting after running the tool. This is the tool with my own data that I’ve tried to use. (Using JDK 17)

java -jar C:\Users\William\mykeystore\pepk.jar
–alias=MyAppKey --output=C:\Users\William\mykeystore\MyAppKey.pepk

As seen on Google Play Consol

cmd errors

Hi William,
It seems that some line breaks have creeped into the command, before —keystore and before —alias.

Thanks Thomas, only around 3 days wasted :rofl: :+1:

For any amateur or hobbyists out there such as myself, on this subject you may find this helpful:

Information Required for Google PEPK Tool to generate Google App Key. Just swap out text for your details

  1. To start with keep everything in one Folder (Download Google PEPK tool to this folder)

  2. After filling in Path information and before entering into the Command Prompt App,
    Start at the very beginning of --keystore, (do not delete the hyphen) and back space (“ONCE ONLY”).
    Do this for the remaining two lines to turn everything into one single line of text.

  3. Copy and paste into Command Prompt App,

  4. You will be prompted on two occasions to enter your app passwords

  5. If all is good cmd prompt will go back to origeonal state (c:\users\user\name>_) and PEPK key will be in specified folder.

java -jar C:\Users\UserName\MykeystoreFolder\pepk.jar
–alias=MyApp --output=C:\Users\UserName\MykeystoreFolder\MyApp.pepk

1) Get latest version of Java jdk istalled on your machine
2) Once Java jdk is installed, set up environmental values (Path to Java jdk) (lots of vids on YouTube on how to do this)