Please help: slow cursor movement between lines while in code view!


Yes this may seem so bizarre but I simply can’t code because the cursor in code view moves so slowly between lines. When I press cursor up/down or use the mouse to click on another line there is a painful pause before the cursor appears at that new line… it’s very strange. Anyone faced or has any solution to this??


Which version of AppStudio are you using?

How many lines of code do you have?


v6.2.7.2. Just editing any of the short sample projects does this.


That is bizarre. What kind of computer are you using? Have you tried restarting it?


OK, I figured it out… but still no solution.

The issue only happens when I have a second display connected to my laptop. So, if I hook-up a big monitor and use it as the primary display the code editor slows-down. Using the code editor on my laptop’s monitor (without a second display connected) everything is good-to-go.

Now, my laptop (it’s a new Macbook running Windows 10 x64) is always connected to a second monitor when I’m in the office so this is a really bad situation to have.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this…? much appreciated.


A couple of the guys here use this exact setup (MacBook with an external monitor) and it works great - but one difference: they are using Mac OS.

Is that an option for you? I suspect the actual issue is in Windows or the middleware being used to run Windows.


Unfortunately I’m stuck with Windows… is there anything I can “tweak” to “fix” this… really makes AppStudio just unusable.


How are you running Windows? Are you using BootCamp, Parallels or something else?


Just BootCamp… Windows Pro installed on the HD and I boot into it straight.


This doesn’t sound like something we can fix. We know that multiple screens on Windows works fine, and the multiple screens on Mac OS works fine. I suspect some interaction between BootCamp and Windows.

We just call the standard libraries - we are not doing any processing related to multiple screen.

Here’s a report of a similar issue with Parallels:

Here’s another one not involving AppStudio:


Some Macs have been known to spike the kernal_task when a second monitor is added. It requires SIP to be disabled then re-enabled. FYI: I don’t suggest this unless you really really have to do it. It also requires disabling kext files and clearing the kext cache.