Please update REST API docs

I really like your REST API documentation - it’s well structured and comprehensive

But it seems to be outdated (or wrong) at some places.

E.g., if I submit GET {application_url}/api/user/{userid} providing a user id that does not belong to the given application, I do not get any of the listed error responses but HTTP code 422 along with

  "type": "ValidationError",
  "message": "Could not decode scope.",
  "validations": null

The same request with an existing user id works as intended.

Could you please go through the docs again and update them where needed?

I just checked the docs and I see the 422 response listed here: Volt API

Am I missing something?

Well, in the given example the question is: when will I actually get status code 404 for a missing user? 422 seems to be a “multi-purpose” status code and it looks as if it would have priority over other codes which one would expect instead…

User IDs (and App IDs) are hashed using a specific algorithm. If they can’t be decoded (if you substitute a random string) then a 422 will be returned. If you supply a valid (decodeable) user ID, but the user does not exist or has been removed, then a 404 will be returned.