Plugin isn't on list of obsolete Plugins

I have a plugin that isn’t on the list of obsolete plugins, but isn’t working.
I’m guessing the list isn’t exhaustive?
I thought I should have gotten a failed build, but I didn’t.
This is from my build log

Discovered plugin “cordova-plugin-zebra-printer”. Adding it to the project
Installing “cordova-plugin-zebra-printer” for android
Adding cordova-plugin-zebra-printer to package.json

I think I know that the answer is I need to find a new plugin, but thought I’d ask if there is something I am missing because I haven’t found a plugin that can replace it. And it is the cornerstone of the app.

Correct - the list of obsolete plugins is not exhaustive. There are well over 1000 plugins with no way to test if they all still work.

For this plugin, the best bet would be to contact the maintainer to see about getting an update. You might also look to see if someone has forked the project and fixed it themselves.

In the meantime, by setting the engine attribute, you may be able to continue to use the old version.

@PPetree told me there’d be days like this in a post about 3 years ago.

Sorry, one more thing. I just went over to the ‘commercial’ section of the message board and it looks like that isn’t used much anymore.
Is there anyone that can take on paid work to fork and update the obsolete plugin?
Please contact me if so.


You’re welcome to post in the Commercial section here.

I had a look in for Zebra plugins. Have you checked if one the them will do the job for you?

If you want to ask for help from Cordova developers, they have their own forum here.

Thanks, I posted on Cordova developer’s forum and got an immediate reply. Not sure the one I am using is fixable, but it’s being discussed.

If it isn’t fixable then I will follow up with the commercial section to look into the other plugins that are available. I wouldn’t know how to plug a different one in, as I only copied a NSB sample project for the current one. I think ‘plugin’ is a misnomer.

Start by having a look at the list of VoltBuilder approved plugins. There are 5 which have Zebra in the name.

If they’re on the list, it doesn’t mean they are going to work - just that another VoltBuilder user has had it in their project.

You can switch to a new plugin by editing config.xml in Project Properties in the VoltBuilder group.