Port Number in Advanced Settings lost with 8.0.5 update

I have not confirmed this is because of the 8.0.5 update, but shortly after updating I found my port number in settings was reset to 0.

I’m not seeing this on any projects here. Is this for Global Location or Project Location?

Tools/Preferences/Advanced - I assume global. I was using 62000. Suddenly my PWA was going really stupid in chrome - not loading files correctly from Start in Desktop “server”. I closed everything, started again and noticed no local storage variables, then found random port number, as it was reset in IDE to zero. Have no idea why, but had done 8.0.5 a few hours before, but had not closed it since initial opening. Resetting the value solved the problems. I’ll keep an eye open.

This had not come up again until yesterday. It happened during the update from The port number in preferences advanced was reset to zero. Normally when I install an AppStudio update, I just apply it to the open AppStudio. This particular time, I first closed AppStudio and then applied the update. Windows 10.


Try going into the Code Window. Has the font been reset as well?

Not sure what it was set to. But it is now Consolas, size 11, indent 2 But clicking default changes to courier new. Left it as Consolas, which doesn’t look out of place (I didn’t notice a font change, but …).