Possible Control.show() issue


I’ve been coding using vanilla Javascript and even for simple things like hiding a control I’ve used “Control.style.display = ‘none’;”, instead of just using “Control.hide();”. Then I realized how stupid it was to do this writing more code, and went back to .hide() and .show().

It seems that .show() will force “display=‘block’”, which messes up with the FlexBox control. Perhaps the current display state should be stored within the control and then Control.show() would just restore it.

For now, I’m back to Control.style.display = ‘’ and Control.style.display = ‘none’;

Kind regards
Ricardo Carraretto

Hide and show, hidden true or false, is a very complicated issue when Bootstrap 4 controls are used. With BS4 (not BS3) controls one can hide with d-none. There are suggestions to use position absolute. I got it working this way. Would be better to do your own research if you are not yet happy with your solution. I already was thinking over if I should ask AppStudio developers to adapt the documentation for changes with BS4.

Yeah, “style.display” is working fine for me, so I’ll stick to it. Thanks for replying, and I agree on docs being updated as they might confuse new users.