Possible problems with ScreenMode


Link to a test program https://testscreenmode-deserves-helpfully.volt.live

NSB App Studio v6.2.3.0
Safari on iPhone 5 and iPad Mini
Windows 10 PC Chrome

The issue is that depending upon which setting of Screen Mode is used, the results vary as a function of ScreenMode… some results as documented, and some an ugly surprise… Such as screen turning all black (white controls are displayed correctly… Such as form location starting half way down screen… Such as zoom results in oversized in vertical, but okay in horizontal direction.

The program consists of only the following… a button at the top of the screen and a button at the bottom of the screen… no code.

Properties are as follows:
Project Properties
Background color black
DefaultForm Size iPhone 5
EnableScroll False
Form Properties
BorderColor black
BorderStyle Double
BorderWidth 5
BackgroundColor white
Position Absolute
ScreenMode Full Screen On PC (Windows Chrome) all colors correct, form located in upper left
…On iPhone, okay
…On iPad, all colors correct, but form located upper left (I wish it would fill the iPad screen)
ScreenMode Actual Size on PC, screen is totally black and white controls
…on iPhone, screen is totally black and white controls
…on iPad, screen is totally black and white controls and form located upper left
ScreenMode Centered on PC, screen is totally black and white controls, form is centered horizontally but top of form is about half way down screen
…on iPhone, same as on PC
…on iPad, same as on PC
ScreenMode Zoom… screen totally black but controls white… form doubled in size, but top of form is about half way down screen.
…on iPhone, screen totall black but controls white… fills screen as it should
…on iPad, All black except controls… fllls screen horizontally but vertical is oversized (but scroll works to show hidden part of form)


Can you send me the program? We can then be sure that we are looking at the same thing.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation


George, the ‘test’ program consists of only 2 button controls (Bootstrap) and NO code… The relevant (I think) properties are identified in the email below. This is the program that gave me the results I outline below. I included the link (in email below) to the Volt version.

Or are you talking about the program I’m writing, which gives me the identical results… I don’t know how to send that program to you… it’s about 375 lines of code.

On Grand Jury today (and every Friday) so I won’t get back to you until late today.



Late today is fine - I probably won’t get to this until tomorrow or Sunday.



RESOLVED (Partially)… There is still an issue in that for ScreenMode other than Full Screen, the Background Color at the PROJECT level overrides the background Color at the FORM level for the other three ScreenModes: Actual Size, Centered and Zoom.

My workaround was to NOT USE any BGColor at the Project level.

The ‘location’ issues I identified in the earlier entries on this topic were all resolved successfully with V 6.2.4.



Thanks for the good news (so far).

I have not been able to reproduce the background color issue. It seems to work properly for me. Any chance you can send me a small project where the project’s backgroundColor overwrites that of the form?


Hi George… Attached is a program where ‘Project’ BG color is red and Form BG color is white and form ends up red on both PC and iPhone5…

· Basic

· AppStudio is 6.2.4

· Windows 10



The attachment did not come through - can you send it directly?


I did this under ‘File’, >> Export current form and code >> Desktop and then attached to the email… Is that correct?


It doesn’t show up for me. Something to look at - but can you send it to me directly so we can get this resolved?



Thanks for sending me the test project.

Form1’s height is set to auto. Somehow, the browser takes that as 0, which is why you see the black lines at the top. That’s the border.

Change height to 460, save and reload. Things should now work as expected.


Yes! Now works as expected… Thanks, George.

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