Postman collection for VoltCloud

As part of my evaluation, I have written a Postman collection of REST requests against VoltCloud/VoltServer which simplifies experimenting with the services VoltCloud offers.

The underlying idea is to become able to write VoltCloud clients in other languages than BASIC or JavaScript or to write servers which need access to VoltCloud.

The collection has been published and documented on GitHub under MIT license and is free for you to use.

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FYI: I’ve just updated the described Postman collection.

It now contains “clear xxx storage” requests to “clear” application or customer storage by developers or customers.

Additionally, there is now a (not yet working and therefore parenthesized) request for developers to “(get customer settings)” for a single customer. According to James from NSB, that request should work - but since it doesn’t, there may be slight mistake in the request…let’s see if we can correct it somehow