Presentation of the programming examples Version 9.0

Why is the new display so confusing, or is it just me?

Greetings Marcus

I can’t make this happen on any of the systems here.

Have you changed your Windows theme at all?

Actually just the normal Win 10 view, I just changed from NS 8.5 to 9.0 today and now the big gaps in between…
Unfortunately very confusing…

Looks like the icons are too big

Weird. The icons used are nowhere near the size they are displaying as on your computer - it’s sort of if they are not loading.

Let’s try a few things. I’m not sure they will work, as your issue is not reproducable.

  1. Restart AppStudio
  2. Reboot your system.
  3. Reinstall AppStudio

Let us know if any of these help!

I uninstalled the program, including version 1.2, shut down the computer, and then installed version 9.0, but unfortunately without success. Then I reinstalled version 8.5, which looks good…

It seems that the display in version 9.0 is faulty on my end.

This isn’t making much sense to us yet - we will continue to try to figure out what could be going on.

We figured out how to reproduce this - it happens when the language set to Deutsch. This will be an interesting bug…

The Bootstrap 5 button has strange names in the German version, is this a bug or is there a reason?

Personally, I would think it would be better if everything were in English, only the help texts were in the respective national language

Interesting point.

What do other users think?