Prevent form rotation

I don’t want the form to go from portrait to horizontal.
Is there a way to prevent the screen from rotating?

Have a look at the Orientation control.

Nope, that’s not going to work.
I don’t want to message the user.
I want to lock the form in portrait mode so it can’t go into landscape mode at all.

I don’t think that is possible when running as a web app. Control of how the screen is oriented stays in the hands of the user, not your app.

I believe it is possible when running as a native app, using a Cordova plugin.

Thanks for the info.
Found the right Cordova plugin:
I put it in VoltBuilder and Cordova area config.xml
plugin name=“cordova-plugin-screen-orientation” source="npm"

In my form:

And it doesn’t affect any other apps on my Android phone.