Print Data to jqxGrid

Hi is it possible to print data to a jqxGrid. I’ve seen that you can export data, also input data manually. I have 3 lists/array’s of data stored in localStorage that I would like to put into a JqxGrid with a view to export as a CSV file. I’m currently printing to a Textarea like so:

Dim saves, i


For i=0 To UBound(saves)

If saves[i].Cho Then

Textarea33.value = Textarea33.value + "Ch " + Round(saves[i].Cho,3) + "   E =   " + Round(saves[i].Est20,3) + "   N =   " + Round(saves[i].Nrt20,3) + vbCRLF + vbCRLF

End If

Now I just want to print to three columns. What do I do to get the above to get the data into my JqxGrid

Best to follow the jqxgrid documentation. Here’s a link that includes a simple example of using an array as the data source:

Thanks for that.