"Private Policy" Needed for Google Play

Last week I submitted my app for review to Google Play. The app FAILED!

My app is a reference tool, used to search the Hebrew Bible. Any age can use it, as far as I’m concerned, including children. The question of WHICH AGE GROUP am I targeting came up. I checked off all ages available. Then something about a “Private Policy” came up, something I know nothing about. It asked me where I have such a policy. For some reason I just gave them a URL to my unsecured website.

Could I have, instead, given them my secured “https://toraware.github.io” URL; Would that have done the trick?

Here’s my rejection they emailed me:

I’d be grateful for any help.

It’s pretty much as it says. You need a Privacy Page on your website if your app is designated for Families.

Look around for similar products to yours. They should also have Privacy pages. Have a look at the text they have, then adapt it for your use. Save it in your repo, then provide the link to that page.

Here’s the one for VoltBuilder:

It says what it says, but your simple words were those that illuminated my vision. So thanks for responding!

I have therefore added a page to my website, created a policy html file in its own “privacy” folder, provided a link to that page from my Home Page and resubmitted my app for review – providing this newly-created URL to the Google Play store.

The only indication I have of the resubmission, at the GP Console, is this:

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 2.52.40 AM.png

I assume the “Processing update” is my sign it was resubmitted.

I don’t know how good my POLICY will be in their eyes, but I’ll keep at it.

You can see it here if you like: http://toraware.com/privacy/policy.html

@Leslie, there are some great free privacy policy generators out there. Typically you still have to edit what they generate but they’re quite good.

I don’t think Google looks closely at your privacy policy. That’s a matter between you and your user. I think they only care that you actually have one.

Wow - today I got the great news: My app was published!

I have you people to thank, because you made it all so easy, at least so far as Android is concerned.

I was dismayed, however, when I did a SEARCH of my app, typing in “toraware”.
For some reason, my app showed up at the end of a very long list of Chinese apps, none of which I would guess has “toraware” as part of its name.
This is the first of the group:

and near the end, I finally see my app (a rose among the thorns):
Can you say “toraware” in Chinese?

Congrats! The first one is always the best! As for your ranking, you’ll have to edit your store listing. You can google around and get some basic tips for placing higher up.