Problem Button (BS)

I was wondering why I had to tap several times on some buttons on my mobile phone to have any reaction. Now I found the reason (see the pic), the right side of button1 “belongs” to the field Text1. Strange.

You can test here (click button1 on the left half and on the right half):
You can download the nsx-file here:
I still use version 6, but version 8 has the same problem!

Using the Elements tab in the Chrome Debugger, we can see what is going on:

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 3.55.49 PM

The text box is larger than you think.

For me it’s a bug, and for you it’s a feature? And why is’nt it a problem for the left side of button2?

It’s not a bug or a feature - it’s just how HTML works.

The easy solution is to move the button down in AppStudio’s Project Explorer. That will layer the button above the textbox, so it gets the tap event first.

A more refined solution would be to fix the size of the textbox so it does not overlap the button.