Problem to buy Phonegap

I want to buy the paid version of Phonegap and when selecting the option I get a message that it is not available to sell in Argentina.
Could you tell me how to do the procedure?


You’ll need to contact PhoneGap about this. They are part of Adobe, which is a separate company from us.

The support only sends me to a forum to make queries. I can not find an email to make inquiries.
Sending forum url (
Does anyone have mail or contact with Phonegap?

Good day community. Can someone send me a contact email to make an inquiry with Adobe Phonegap? I want to subscribe to be able to compile more than one app and the web option I am using informs me that it is not a product to sell in Argentina. I understand that it is a Phonegap problem, but I would like to have a contact at least and I have not been able to publish anything in a forum that never responds. Thanks friends and regards.

This is the option I use to buy the update