Problem using API data on another form

In the attached project, the first form (frmYelp) gets data from Yelp, puts it into an arrray of objects named yelpData, and displays the names of the restaurants in a Select on the same page. yelpData is global, declared on frmYelp.
When you go to Form1, it should output to the console the first name (click the button on Form 1) - but it doesn’t. In fact, it doesn’t even output to console a plain string.



final draft 2.appstudio[9].zip (122.6 KB)

I’m unable to run the app - it gets “hamDashboard is not defined” on startup.

Even if I get rid of that, it’s not clear what I need to do so see the problem - the first form which comes up (I have no idea whether it is Form1) has 3 buttons on it.