Problem with deploy on volt

i have a problem with volt
when i deploy i have this message
authentication Error:Invalid Login
i already have account in volt and sign in

Can you go into Tools… Preferences and look at the Volt tab?

Check if the email and password are set up properly.

I made a change to the password on the site and did not modify the program
Now the password itself is the location and program
Thanks for your help

After the password was modified it was published for only one time correctly and the next time the message appeared
authentication Error:Invalid Login

Now the password has been changed in the site and the program and it has been published once and the message has appeared again
authentication Error:Invalid Login


Could you email the username and password you are using directly to gh(at) I will try it here.

I have solved the problem of deploy to Volt by modifying the password more than
once it is deploy now n to Volt now But a new problem has arisen and after scanning the
application and opening it on the mobile messaege appears

uncaught Type Error
cannot read Property
getitem on null
line2 column 206

And I did not write code definitively
but when using URL on computer browser it is working i want to open on mobile

This is a different problem. Could you post it in a new thread?

A screen shot will make it more clear what is going on.