Problem with saving project

I have a student using a Mac (OS Ventura 13.5) that when she tries to save her current project after she has been working on it, AS will only give her a Save As option. So she ends up with many copies of the same project.

This happens whether whe uses the Menu Save or a quick key Cmd-S.

Thoughts? Thanks

What folder is she trying to save to? Could that folder maybe have permissions set which are causing the problem?

She made a new folder inside her class folder for our work Monday. She saved the first new project there successfully. Then we wrote some code, added a simple form with some controls. When she went to save the project again, AS only showed her the pop up for Save As - so she had to save it as a different project.


What happens if she saves to her Documents folder?

I’ll have to ask her - will get back to you.


She was saving on the Desktop. I told her to redownload it - she did and it appears to be working ok now.