Problems trying to create 2 instances of jPlayer

Hi guys,

been struggling for hours on this. ( 3 am this morning) :disappointed_relieved:
I have got one player instance working okay.
I then duplicated the code and reference a different container.
I am getting this error on some browsers.
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined
at Function.NSB.addProperties.addChild (hfunc.js:2805)
at (index):91

No error:
Mac Safair
IOS devices
Windows Chrome

Mac Chrome
Android browser
Windows Explorer

Attached is the project and a link here

I’m now out of my depth here as the error looks like it is referencing Childs.( I have none).
I also cannot work out from the jPlayer docks how to show 2 instances or maybe have a playlist instead.

Anyone tried to achieve this or know the ;magic’ I need ?

jplayerIssue.nsx (30.0 KB)


Steve Warby

Not sure but this may give you some ideas on how to go about playing multiple instances of jPlayer

I found that page. It looks like they just create another instance ( which is what I am doing ).


If I turn off ‘Stop on errors’ the app works fine.

Just waiting for this to bite me on the butt :wink: