Progessive Web Apps - Reopening Discussion


The previous topic on Progressive Web Apps has been closed. Would like to reopen it.

Has any further progress been made with PWA’s and NSB/AppStudio?

It would be a very beneficial feature to be able to deploy AppStudio apps as PWA’s, which is trending right now among alternatives to dealing with the control and delays with iOS deployments.

Please advise as to any special coding or methodology needed to deploy as PWA.

Our app has about 255 html screens; and upward to 75 pdf documents embeded (we can make them images), along with a number of other images and mini-menu pages scattered about.

We would like to deploy via PWA with user/password, or just a password or a passcode to access it.

Any suggestions?


PWAs rely on Service Workers. These are not supported yet by Safari, so no native iOS support.

The good news is that they have just landed in WebKit, which Safari is built on. Apple now lists this feature as ‘under development’.


Are we to assume that Chrome is now PWA functional with Service Workers?

It almost seems counter-Apple for them to develop something that actually takes money out of their pocket by having an alternative app deployment channel. But, am sure they will figure out how to monetize it.

In any case, will AppStudio have any configurations that will make the PWA a “feature” or easy to implement in new apps?


PWA is being promoted by Google, so it’s essentially a Chrome feature for now.

It looks like it will be a useful technology once it is more widely supported, so of course we will be looking at it.