ProgressBar(BS) Hidden & Max not working

Using the Bootstrap Progress Bar I cannot get the Hidden and Max settings to work.
Changing Hidden at design time works correctly but setting:


in code doesn’t hide the control.

Also, setting Max to 300 at design time doesn’t change the 100% count of the bar.
I have attached a demo which shows the effects. Can’t see what am I doing wrong.

ProgressBarDemo.nsx (23.9 KB)

It seems we have to use fadeIn(x) and fadeOut(x) rather than .hidden.

Just need to address the ‘max’ issue now.

I found this - it may help:

Thanks for the pointer: It seems that setting max value doesn’t really achieve anything and there is no other realistic way to do it…
It would appear that manually scaling the bar count to 100 is necessary - Not a big deal but it does seem odd to have a control that is ineffective.