Project is either corrupt or missing

When trying to open an old project, I get the “missing or corrupt message.” I just updated to

The project is clearly there, and I can open it with a text editor.

But they’re small, here are the stats:
-rw-r–r--@ 1 stevenyates staff 785573 May 25 08:51 BSCStatusBoardRev10.nsx
-rw-r–r--@ 1 stevenyates staff 773528 Apr 10 2018 BSCStatusBoardRev10BAK.nsx
-rw-r–r--@ 1 stevenyates staff 11407 Nov 2 14:28 BSCStatusBoardRev11.nsx
-rw-r–r--@ 1 stevenyates staff 11407 Nov 5 08:23 BSCStatusBoardRev12.nsx

I can’t open Rev11 or Rev12.

When opening a project and then doing a save as to a new name, my images are all then missing. (files in the image folder).

So this is frustrating.

You mention you upgraded to 7.0.2. What were you using before?

The projects end in .nsx, so they should be in AppStudio 6 format.

7.0.1 I assume. I was using the “read old projects” or something like that then simply saving. My assumption being that AppStudio converts to the .project type. I know this isn’t a heck of a lot of information to go on, looking for a some possibilities about other issues that may have cropped up with the new project format.

It’s alway best to do a “Save to” a new folder the first time you save a project in AppStudio 7. The new folder will have just the files which are actually needed, and the files in the old folder won’t be affected.