Project or Program corruption?

I’m getting strange errors that look like either my project or the AppStudio program is corrupted. Parts of the screen get overwritten and the program hangs. The last time this happened was when I tried adding a new form, but I’ve had it happen numerous times while doing other operations (eg. find and replace in the code editor). If I need to re-install my AppStudio software how should I do it - just re-installing the latest version doesn’t fix the problem. If I need my serial number I’ll need it emailed to me. if you checkout the screen image I’ve included you’ll see the problem in the top left corner.

Thank you

Hi KevBob,

We definitely want to know more about this! Can you send me your project folder so I can try it here?


I removed your project from the discussion board - you probably did not mean to release it publicly.

George Henne