Project Properties Background Color

Using Windows 10. On one monitor the background color of a selected object in Project Properties shows a very, very light gray. On another monitor it’s too light to see. Setting Windows High Contrast ON makes the background gray good, but High Contrast is not a good solution for me. Is there a way to change or intensify this background color in AS? Or could a future version contain a darker gray?

Thanks, John

What you’re seeing is caused by the settings in the monitor and perhaps your OS - it’s not something a web page (generated by AppStudio or otherwise) can control.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. This is not a background color on a web page. It’s the background color in the SDKs Project Properties when an entry in the list is selected. On my laptop computer it is visible as a very light gray. So the background color is working ok in the SDK, but… it’s just a bit too light for my weary old eyes to see, even on this laptop.

This could be an adjustment in App Studio. Like, use a darker gray, or better yet use the dark blue over white text as you do in the Functions list, or even a property setting. Just a wish list for me in a future version. But don’t put yourself out, just, it would be nice.

Thanks, John

This isn’t in our control - AppStudio uses the default Windows colours for these fields.

Could this help?